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Did Mirabeau seek to advance revolutionary change — or to restrict it. Who was the Abbe Sieyes and what contribution did he make to the French Revolution, both in ideological and practical terms.

Evaluate the relationship between the National Constituent Assembly and the French peasantry and working classes. Explain the conditions and causes that led to the Red Terror of To what is he referring to, and how did they endanger the monarchy.

Discuss the composition, support and political legitimacy of the Provisional Government in March How successful was the National Constituent Assembly in resolving the economic and fiscal problems of the ancien regime.

What impact did the events of this day have on French government and society. What factors and forces led to the failure of reformist policies in the s. Did the women of France have more motivation or potential for revolution than the men. On the surface, the relocation of the royal family from Versailles to Paris, a few miles away, seems a minor event.

Explain the meaning and validity of this statement. This nearly always leads to anglicized French. Your NAB is obviously your priority. The Terror and beyond 1.

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Explore the activities and the role of the first three Dumas between and Did this body suffer from internal failings — or was it simply a victim of treacherous times. With reference to three specific groups, explain why 19th-century Russian revolutionary groups were unable to overthrow, reform or moderate tsarism.

What steps did the National Constituent Assembly take to abolish or replace the political institutions and social inequalities of the ancien regime.

Discuss the arguments advanced by Robespierre and his followers to justify the use of revolutionary terror. For more information please refer to our Terms of Use. How did tsarism respond to these challenges. I was wondering do you know if there is any where online where I can get access to Adv H French past papers prior towhich is as far as the SQA website goes up to.

A Vos Plumes! is for students who want to write better in French and for teachers who want to help them.

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For Teachers Find writing principles, writing prompts, grammar activities, good assignments, grading and responding effectively. Guide to discursive writing in French with activities on personal relationships, media, jobs, immigration, social issues and environment.

Aimed at new Advanced Higher French, but can be adapted for other languages. Commentary on candidate evidence The candidate was awarded.

28 marks. This essay is structured, and relevant to the topic. The candidate does not deviate from the topic area, yet the approach is perhaps limiting in terms of Advanced Higher French Discursive Writing Commentary 1 of 4.

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La question est de savoir. let's consider first of all. french advanced higher essay phrases. Il y en a qui pensent que. On entend souvent dire que. Tout le monde s'accorde à penser que. S5/6 French At present, S5s can choose to study National 5 or Higher French.

S6 pupils can choose either of these options or, if they have already completed Higher, they may choose to extend their skills further and study Advanced Higher French. Advanced Higher English - This course provides learners with opportunities to develop skills in listening, talking, reading and writing.

Advanced higher french essay questions
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