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And the problem is that sometimes they forget to type the punctuation marks or they misspellwhich makes the receiver misunderstand. As a study from the Northwestern University has revealed, people who spend a lot of time on the phone are more likely to be depressed than those who do not.

What is the effect of climate change on infectious medical diseases. Talking on the cell phones are gradually replacing the communication face to face between people.

This can be very helpful to the parents or I. What is the effect of long distance on relationships. However, parents of teenagers should consider purchasing their teens smartphones for the following reasons: The waves from the mobile phone move to the brain and cause the headache, which may even result in poor memory.

What is the effect of growing up in a single-parent household. Expecting constant updates and notifications can often cause anxiety and even depression.

Consequently, if a person is keeping the phone near the body or even under the pillow, this may cause serious health problems in the long run. What are the effects of homeschooling on children.

Does using technology like iPads or smartboards in classrooms cause students to learn better. We often spend a lot of money using mobile phone. However, learning the negative effects of the phones is an extremely important thing, especially when it comes to students. The mobile phone is the most important method of communication of today, which makes it inevitable and inseparable part of our lives.

Nowadays parents can be at the work place to talk to their children, to remind them of studying at school. A proof of this statement is the headache many people complain about after using the phone for too long, especially when talking on it.

According to one research, the phone is has 10 times the bacteria amount commonly found on a toilet seat. What causes some schools to fail to educate students. By using a headphonepeople can enjoy some video, some music all time without annoying anyone.

We used to be able to use any calculator we wanted for the accounting classes, but now, there was 1 particular calculator that could be used which was only available at the university bookstore. What causes a family to have close relationships.

The waves of the phone hurt the brain, which causes difficulty falling asleep, and consequently, sleep deprivation. Moreover, the excessive use of cell phones causes teens and young adults to experience restlessness and it can make them feel difficult to fall asleep.

What effect do regular dental check-ups have on oral health. What effect does exercise have on the body. Now I feel compelled to upgrade my phone every couple years to keep up with the technology…and good mobile phones are NOT cheap.

After using that home phone for 9 years, I ported my number to a mobile phone. As a result, using mobile phone for a long time affects our health.

Another effect in communicating by mobile phone is misunderstanding between people.

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What are the continuing effects of slavery on American society. Even if the phone is not in the hand of the driver, the focus can easily move from the signs and the road rules to the conversation being held.

Mobile phone has become crucial part of our life. April 4, at Unfortunately, many parents do not see the need for smartphones. Some people use the bluetooth and the camera in a bad purpose.

Cause and Effect Essay Posted on January 28, by bestbritishwriter Posted in Essay Samples. The Effects of Using Your Phone Too Much *this essay sample was written by the writer from People often use cell phones when on the road.

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The Importance of Cellphones to Teenagers in Our Generation. Mainly among teenagers, cell phones can cause headaches, decreased attention, shortness of temper, sleep disorders, and depression.

Radio waves are not the only reason for such symptoms. It is the sad reality that nowadays many people, especially youth, experience a lack of human contact, and they try to compensate it with mobile phone. Cause and Effect Essay on Smartphones.

3 Pages Words April Saved essays Save your essays here so you can locate them quickly! Topics in this paper but sometimes the person in need of help is unable to dial a phone number. In these specific circumstances, it is a good idea to add the acronym I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) in front.

Home / Technology / Positive and negative impact of cell phones. impact of mobile phones on youth essay; essay on cell phone; I will like to ask if anyone could enlighten me more on the effect (negative) of the cell phone on students’ performances in their final year exam.

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Cell Phones and Cancer Risk. On This Page. The only consistently recognized biological effect of radiofrequency energy is heating. The ability of microwave ovens to heat food is one example of this effect of radiofrequency energy.

Radiofrequency exposure from cell phone use does cause heating to the area of the body where a cell phone.

Cause cell effect essay phone
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